April 2023 Best Sellers

April 2023 Best Sellers

April 2023 Best Sellers – This is a monthly list of the items that are selling on my LTK account. These are the items that you are loving the most!

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Patio Extension

Outdoor Patio Sets | Currently Shopping

I’m on the hunt for outdoor patio sets! We had our patio extended…which means double the outside space. We bought this tall table and chairs from Lowe’s last summer, but it ended up being too big. The chairs weren’t level and the table was too large across. We threw it

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How to Sand Detailed Wood on an Antique Couch

How to Sand Detailed Wood on an Antique Couch

I used regular 60-grit sand paper to get most of the lacquer and paint off by hand, but I could get into the corners or in any of the details. And then I used the Dremel to help remove it from the recesses. I used the 431 Sanding Band 60

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How to Strip Paint from Antique Couch

How to Strip the Paint From an Antique Couch | DIY

First Round of Stripping the Paint I first began the deconstructing and the stripping in September, but I wasn’t sure what I was doing. So I sent the couch away to get quoted and it was gone for about a month and a half. Since the only quote I received

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Counter Height Stools

Counter Height Chairs | Currently Shopping

We’re looking at upgrading our current counter height stools to something a little more substantial and comfortable. The foam is done on our current ones and my lower back hurts because I’m sitting on hard wood. They’re around six years old and I don’t want to keep them. We’d like

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Pantry Finished

Apartment Therapy: the January Cure 2023

The January Cure is one of Apartment Therapy’s longest traditions of helping you reset your living space for the upcoming year. See how my progress stacked up this year while cleaning my home during The January Cure 2023!

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Hovel Sweet Hovel Our LGI Oak Ridge House

Welcome to Hovel Sweet Hovel!

Like Home Sweet Home, but simpler. We’re designing a house into a home we love.

We’re the Kinsley’s and first-time home buyers discovering how to make our house a home. We’re designing a home we love and we’re learning as we go. We’d love for you to join us!

If you love DIY projects and home decor click around and stay a while. We’re doing most of it on our own. Be sure to follow along on Pinterest for even more inspiration!

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