Before and After: Laundry Room Updates

DIY Laundry Room Makeover

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View our budget friendly laundry room update that we did in less than one day*!

Laundry Room Design

I already picked out some inspiration for this design in this post.

Laundry Room Design Sketch

I measured out the width of the wall – which came to about 65″ wide. Zack measured it and it was 64 5/8″ wide, haha. Then, from my inspiration photos *link to inspiration post*, I created a rough sketch of what cabinets I wanted to install. I want more of a symmetrical design, but I also want a space for hanging clothes to dry.

We went with two 30″ tall cabinets on the edges with a short cabinet in the middle. That way we could add a hanging rod underneath with the space to hang a shirt.

With just under 65″ of space to design around, we chose one 15″ wide cabinet and one 18″ wide cabinet to frame the outside walls. The bridge cabinet in the middle is 30″ wide.

And that got us to 63″ wide of cabinets, so we also bought these filler pieces to fill in the gaps on the edge. Now the cabinets are flush with the walls and look like built-ins instead of free-standing cabinets.

Shopping List:

We started first my measuring the height of where the bottom of the cabinets would reach. Our kitchen cabinets hand at a height of 55″. We decided on 58″ to give us space to add in a narrow shelf right above the washer and dryer.

Wall Paint

I picked out three colors for samples: Silver Bullet, Tin Foil and Flannel Grey. I absolutely thought I was going with tin foil from the pamphlet until I saw how the samples looked.

Grey Paint Colors

I chose Silver Bullet. And I’m glad I started with the smallest space in the house with this paint color because we ended up changing it later on! After the first winter in the house, we decided to change the entire color scheme of the house trying to brighten dark rooms.

Floating Shelf

Laundry Room Drywall

Zack wanted to open the wall to make sure that he didn’t install the posts into the water or electrical lines. He previously punctured a hole in the garage when we first moved in and hit a water line.

All the pegs were installed into the studs. We used blind shelf supports so you wouldn’t see them (so the shelf really looks like it’s floating). We purchased a 2×6″ piece of lumber that was cut to the width of the space. *The floating shelf was installed at a later date*

Floating Shelf Pegs

Finished Laundry Room

I love the new cabinets! I hate staring at clutter all day and this was the best solution for the room.

The total cost of this small upgrade is $619.75! This was totally inexpensive for us. Compared to the quote I received from California Closets for double the price.

Finished Laundry Room

Wood Shelf in Laundry Room

I hope this inspires you to look at your laundry room space a little differently with the small changes you can make with a huge impact! Browse through my other home projects.

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