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Small Laundry Room Design Inspiration

Small Laundry Room Design Inspiration

The laundry room is one of the smallest rooms in our home. Space is limited, and I really need to make the most of every nook and cranny available.

Here’s what is looks like now:

LGI Homes Oak Ridge Laundry Room Before

The ClosetMaid shelf isn’t very study to hold a lot of items and some things fall through the wires. I absolutely hate wire shelves. It also looks cluttered that I don’t like keeping the door open. I’m in search of a new design for this small laundry room in order to maximize storage and hide clutter.

Small Laundry Room Inspiration Ideas

Source – Credit: ViewAlongTheWay.com Source – Credit: Lydi Out Loud
I like the simple one look of the open shelves along with one cabinet for hidden storage. The wallpaper gives the room an accent feature and a pop of color. Again, I like how the cabinets are spaced apart with a hanging rod in the middle. I like the extra feature of the shelf above for quick access to detergent.
Source – Credit: @RoomForRevival Source – Credit: Decor Its
This one features a nice warm tone with the birch cabinet and a nice color with the slats on the back wall. I don’t think our space can fit the small cabinets between our machines, but it’s a nice touch. And the small shelf for decor (or easy access to the detergent). I like the cabinets how they are separate with a laundry bar in between them. It allows for the space to be functional for hanging clothes and give hidden storage.

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