Adding a Chandelier to Our Dining Room

Add Light Fixtures

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Looking for some lighting inspiration? We’re adding a chandelier to our dining room, check out what we chose below.

We have these halo lights in about every room of the house. They don’t add anything fun to our home, so I wanted to change out some of the lights.

Today we’re tackling our dining room. I want to continue with the white/black/grey theme that we’ve done in our home, so I want to look for lighting that is black and white.

Dining Room

Adding a Chandelier to Our Dining Room – Before

The room is just plain Jane. It’s bland.

Add Light Fixtures

Adding a Chandelier to Our Dining Room – After

Add a little bit of spice! The chandelier gives our dining room a little bit of character that was missing before.

Shopping for Candelabras and Chandeliers

Candelabras and Chandeliers Collage
*Measurements are the width of the light fixture.

  1. Bailey 2-Tier Chandelier – 36″
  2. Brianna Chandelier – 24″
  3. Greyson 2 Tier Chandelier – 34″
  4. Greyson Chandelier – 29″
  5. Jack Chandelier – 42″
  6. Brianna 2-Tier Chandelier – 48.75″
  7. Lennon Wagon Wheel Chandelier – 24″
  8. Ali Mini Chandelier – 20″
  9. Baker Chandelier – 36″
  10. Finchley Wagon Wheel Chandelier – 40″
  11. Possini Euro Beni Bronze 6-Light Ceiling Light – 20″
  12. Ali Chandelier – 38.75″



What kind of lighting is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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