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Gratitude Jar | DIY

DIY Gratitude Jar

Gratitude jars provide you one way to focus on the positives events in your life. It is easy to take for granted of all we have in our lives. It is a practice that helps you cultivate mindfulness.

Last spring I went to see a therapist. I was focusing too much on the negative events and feelings in my life. She suggested for me to practice gratitude everyday. Her assignment was for me to write three things I’m grateful for in a journal. Of course, I never go around to getting a journal in order.

What is a Gratitude Jar?

A gratitude jar is an empty jar that you fill with handwritten pieces of paper. Similar to a gratitude journal, you write down the what you’re grateful for on a piece of paper. Fold the paper in half, then drop it inside the jar.

Being mindful of the positive events in your life is such a better way to life than to hold onto the negative. You can write down anything – big or small – whatever your win is that is positive! Then, when the new year rolls around, you can read through all your positive notes from your jar!

Gratitude Jar

How to Paint a Gratitude Jar

1. Gather your supplies. The following supplies are what I used to make a pink gratitude jar.


2. Pour red and white paint together in a container suitable for mixing paint. I used the red solo cup because I can easily toss after my project.

3. Let paint dry.

4. Paint a second coat if needed.

5. Keep a stack of paper next to your jar for easy access to write positive notes!


I am grateful for so many things, but most importantly I’m grateful for you. Thank you for coming to visit my website and learning how to create your own gratitude jar.

DIY Gratitude Jar

What are you grateful for?


Is there any better way to focus on the positives that writing it down? I made myself a gratitude jar for 2022! ##gratitudejar ##staypositive

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