Favorite Amazon Finds 2021

Favorite Amazon Finds 2021

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From beauty to kitchen to electronics, here are all of my favorite Amazon finds in 2021!

I have been buying a lot of things on Amazon this year since I haven’t been shopping in physical stores like I used to. I went through all 23 pages of my 2021 Amazon orders. It’s not secret that I love Amazon! Just ask my dog who has to bark at every delivery driver.

Today I wanted to round up my favorite finds across several categories that you’re going to want to add to your cart immediately.

Favorite Kitchen Finds on Amazon

1. Cutlery Organizer – I was on the lookout for a space saving cutlery organizer. I came across the Joseph Joseph brand. It doesn’t fit more than 8 of each utensil, so this product is good for small kitchens. It is really space saving in our utensils drawer because it is so long.

favorite Amazon finds

2. Clear Pantry Organizers – These bins are a life saver for my organizational needs. I’ve been taking food out of the boxes that they come in so that I can see how much food is actually there – instead of finding an empty box on the shelf! Also, with baking items, I can keep them together in one bin and pull out when needed.

favorite Amazon finds

3. Pan Organizer Rack – We always use the same two pans for most of our cooking, but they always end up on the bottom when stacking together. So this was a way for me to grab the one I need quickly. Each pan has its own spot.

favorite Amazon finds

4. OXO Good Grips POP Container Set – These are so great for seeing how much ingredients or food is actually inside the containers. I love being able to see my flour levels before I decide to bake something. I always know when to add it to my shopping list if the levels are too low.

favorite Amazon finds

5. Meat Chopper and Masher – I was using a spatula to break up my meat my entire life. And this tool is a game changer! It easily broke down any ground beef or chicken or turkey without have to use any muscle, haha.

favorite Amazon finds

Favorite Pet Finds on Amazon

1. Non-Slip Shower Mat – Our shower floor has a little bit of pebbling, but when our dog wants to use his claws he ends up slipping. There’s nothing more important to us than using a non-slip mat to keep him steady. This was was cheap and long. We use two to cover the width of the shower.

favorite Amazon finds

2. Playology Plush Crinkle Egg toy – Colt took to this toy right away – he usually doesn’t “play” with any toys I bring home from the store. He immediately started chewing on the egg. He usually only destroys the tags that are attached, then leaves the toy itself alone. I think he smells the peanut butter. The material seems durable enough for the amount of chewing that Colt does. And the crinkle sound gets his attention!

favorite Amazon finds

3. Modern Wood Cat Tree – I wanted something that wasn’t straight “tan carpet” for a cat tree. I looked at several options, but I still wanted to give Potato a scratching post and some height to get away from the dogs. It is a little shorter than I expected and so far he doesn’t go on the top pad – the cushion is too small for him.

favorite Amazon finds

4. Pet Food Storage Container – I love our Simplehuman trash can and I have seen this product before but chose not to buy it because of price. They are good products, but $100 to store my dogs food? Now that we have dog number two, I need to be able to feed both of them, but need to keep the food fresh. And when you buy the largest dog food bag to save money, you have to keep it from going stale.

favorite Amazon finds

5. Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

favorite Amazon finds

Favorite Electronics Finds on Amazon

1. Tripod With Ring Light – I tried couple LED ring lights and this one is one of the good ones. I don’t like the regular ring light because you can see the light in your eyes if you’re filming. This one gives you the option to light up your face from the sides – avoiding that issue altogether. There are three settings for the color of the lights.

favorite Amazon finds

2. DYMO Label Maker – A label maker is an organizational MUST HAVE and this brand is a great option! It comes with a qwerty keyboard. You can change the text size and it’s very easy to use.

DYMO Label Maker

3. Wireless Earbuds – I wanted a pair of wireless ear buds so that I could get up from my desk. They come with a lot of rubber options to fit inside your ear to make it comfortable. The sound is very good and it has a built-in microphone.

favorite Amazon finds

4. NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750 Model – My husband did the legwork on researching treadmills. We figured this model was a “middle of the road” option for us. We didn’t need anything super expensive, but we didn’t want to cheap out one either. We will likely upgrade in a couple of years and stick with this brand. I really love that when we purchased it came with an iFit membership. I’m definitely getting use out of that membership!

NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750 Model

5. Solar Motion Sensor Lights – We didn’t put these up on the house right away, but as soon as the sun was setting earlier in the fall we finally installed it. We put it near the trash cans on the side of the house. The motion turns the lights on when we walk out to the trash can. It’s great when it’s dark out and we can see down the side of the house.

favorite Amazon finds

Favorite Home Finds on Amazon

When I have a problem, I need to find a solution. There are many things around the house that Amazon can help solve. These are my favorite purchases for the home that I picked up on Amazon.

1. Pure Enrichment HUME Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – This humidifier seems fairly well built, is relatively attractive, seems to put out a good amount of mist to cover our medium sized bedroom and is easy to fill with water. I keep it on the lowest setting because it looks more like fog coming out and leaves the floor with a layer of water if it’s any higher setting. I keep a towel underneath. It is really quiet and lasts for about three days on the lowest setting.

Pure Enrichment HUME Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

2. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – I bought this one first before I bought the larger model. The tank is really small in this one and only lasts about one day of use. I keep this one in the bedroom and the larger one in the middle of the living room.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

3. 5 Stems Grey Faux Pampas Grass – First off, I love how large these pampas stems are! I had tried to find other ones on Amazon, but I ordered and they were a really small bouquet for about the same price. They grey looks so good because it is neutral. These are so much better than the fake flowers I purchased from Target that had the waxy feel and shiny look.

pampas grass

4. All-Purpose Squeegee – I bought a cheap one from Walmart when we first moved in, but I hated it. I found this OXO squeegee and just love it. After around 10 months the 10″ silicone blade remains in really good shape, and I haven’t engaged in any special care beyond hanging it up after every use. The included suction hook works really well to the glass door of our shower and has only fallen down once.

favorite Amazon finds

5. Drawer Organizers – This is my second time purchasing organizers from this brand because they’re such a good price. They really help me keep my drawers neat and tidy. I use them in my office drawers and also will be organizing all my makeup with them! The only downside is that they do not come with silicone attached. I had to buy separate silicone stickies to add to them.

favorite Amazon finds

What do you think of my Amazon favorites?

Have you tried any of my favorites? What products on my list are so last year and what should I try instead?

What are some of you favorite products on Amazon? Let me know in the comments below!


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