Cabinet Hardware Upgrades in the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Cabinet Hardware Upgrades in the Kitchen and Bathrooms

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We’ve been in our new hovel for over a month already and the projects don’t seem to stop!

As we’ve been settling into a routine we’ve been cooking consistently or using our crockpot if we are working on other project. We knew before moving in that we wanted to add hardware to the kitchen, so I had done my homework on different styles.

Our cabinets are shaker style in dark grey/blue with a rustic finish. I love gold, but I honestly didn’t think that would look good in this kitchen. I opted to pick a brushed nickel that would stand out nicely from the dark colors.

Before Photos

LGI Homes Bathroom Model

LGI Homes Kitchen Model 2

LGI Homes Kitchen Model 2

Inspiration: @brookemoraleshome

I saw Brooke Morales kitchen on her Instagram account and I loved the mix of knobs and pulls on her cabinets. I probably loved it because it was gold…

After Photos

I chose the 6″ nickel pulls for the upper cabinets and the 8″ pulls for the drawers. For the lower cabinets I picked out the round knobs. The cabinets are so dark that the nickel really offsets. I love gold and I wish I could have gold hardware, but it really wouldn’t have gone with this house.

LGI Homes Bathroom Extra with Hardware

LGI Homes Bathroom Master with Hardware

LGI Homes Kitchen Cabinets with Hardware

LGI Homes Kitchen Cabinets with Hardware

LGI Homes Kitchen Cabinets with Hardware

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