Why We Chose Wood-Like Tile For Our Floors

Why We Chose Wood-Like Tile For Our Floors

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Why We Chose Wood-Like Tile For Our Floors: Floors are really important in our homes. They affect how our homes look and how easy they are to use. There are many types of flooring, but one stands out: tile. Tile is great because it can look good, last a long time, and never goes out of style.

Why We Chose Wood-Like Tile For Our Floors

I’m fully convinced porcelain tile is the way to go in our home after dealing with crappy luxury vinyl planks. We chose the Daltile Baker Wood Walnut 6 in. x 24 in. Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles in install throughout the house.

According to the 2024 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, Wood-tone flooring is even more popular among renovating homeowners this year (56%). But ceramic and porcelain tiles are only selected by 18% of homeowners.

Porcelain tiles boast superior density and hardness compared to ceramic tiles, rendering them exceptionally durable and resilient against scratches, impacts, and regular wear. Their robust nature makes them perfect for areas prone to heavy foot traffic, as they can endure substantial use without showing signs of deterioration.

Particularly suited for high-traffic zones like kitchens and bathrooms, these tiles excel in withstanding spills and everyday wear and tear, maintaining their timeless elegance over time. Additionally, their moisture-resistant properties make them an ideal choice for environments where humidity is a concern.

Not only do porcelain and ceramic tiles have a sophisticated aesthetic, but their practicality shines through as well. Should a tile sustain damage, replacing it is a straightforward task, ensuring the flooring remains pristine and upscale. Better Homes and Gardens even said that “porcelain tile’s payoff of lasting beauty is well worth” the initial investment.

Porcelain Wood-Like Tile Flooring

Compared to ceramic alternatives, porcelain offers greater hardness, superior stain resistance, and easier maintenance for wood-like tile floors. It’s known for their durability because they can withstand heavy foot traffic while retaining their appearance and texture, especially in high-traffic zones.

We chose the Daltile Baker Wood Walnut 6 in. x 24 in. Glazed Porcelain Wood-Like Tiles. It was $560 for a pallet (which covers just under 400 sq. ft.). We purchased 3 pallets for around $1800, so the material is relatively not expensive.

Grout For Wood-Like Tile Flooring

We opted for a grout shade that is one tone darker than our tile which is the color Coffee Bean. By choosing a darker grout, the wood-effect tile seamlessly blends into the flooring, creating a cohesive look and creates spaciousness to each room.

We had a little bit of mishaps along the way and we were able to widen the grout line to allow for correcting the mistakes. The larger grout lines aren’t super noticeable since they are darker than the tiles. If we chose a lighter color, you’d be able to see a lot more of the mistakes!

The Installation Progress of Wood-Like Tile Floors

The progress has been slow, but it was a learning curve for us! From getting the mixture of the mortar correct, using the right amount on the ground, mixing the grout, cleaning up the grout was all things that were new to us. We’ve been making less mistakes as we move through each room of the house.

The first room is definitely not perfect, but it still looks good! Since the tile can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms, it’s a great option for more open concept homes because you don’t have to worry about transitions between the rooms.

What We Love About Our Wood-Like Tile Floors

Wood-like tile is a super smart option for homes built on concrete slabs and it is also great for pet owners. Moving from a grey tone flooring to brown was definitely a change to the overall feel inside the home. And although Hank’s blonde hair is more noticeable on brown, the cleanup has been really easy.

My favorite part is that the tiles are very cold when walking on them, which is so nice while living in the Texas heat. I know a lot of people don’t like the hardness of the tiles on bare feet, but I had to learn to walk a little different on the vinyl planks (and the tile isn’t much different for foot strike).

We also already have area rugs with padding in our living room and bedrooms, so that helps with the coziness.


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