Our 3 Year LGI Homes Tract House Review

LGI Homes Tract House Review Hovel Sweet Hovel Front-Yard-Brickwork

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Welcome to our LGI Homes Tract House Review after just slightly over three years!

I recently wrote a detailed post about why we don’t like our luxury vinyl plank flooring and thought that I should give a 3 year review of our 2021 LGI Homes Tract House!

As of starting this review, LGI Homes has a score of 1.29/5 on the Better Business Bureau website (which do not use customer complaints calculated into their score).

Our 3 Year LGI Homes Tract House Review

Now that we’ve been homeowners for *gasp* three years, I figured I’d let y’all know how adulting has been for us so far! You can read all about the projects we’ve done to make our house a home.


The ice maker broke after two years. Also style of Fridge chosen for spot in our floor plan. The freezer door doesn’t open up all of the way because of the wall between our kitchen and our dining room.


Two of our fence boards broke (because of our neighbor’s dog jumping on them). This is because LGI installs the fencing panels every other side between lots (so each neighbor owns a portion of fence). We filled in our other sections because we have dogs, too. The other neighbor did not.


Very easily scratched. I tried one of those touch-up markers, but you can definitely tell the difference in colors. It didn’t help at all. I don’t know why they didn’t install real wood cabinetry (duh, cheaper for them).


There was grout inside an electrical outside above the kitchen counters. I cleaned this out myself, but very poor workmanship to have an unusable live outlet. The outlets in the kitchen island have USB outlets, but they’ve never worked since we moved in.

When we installed tile flooring in the kitchen, our oven went out. We ended up buying a new one, but first one delivered was a lemon. When they finally delivered us a second one, it turned on with an error. I flipped the breaker and it worked just fine. I called an electrician and he checked the oven outlet (which was fine), but he had to replace the breaker for the oven.


A lot of the lights kept flickering during the first year. We had several replaced. When they were installed, the wires were barely touching the receptors on the lights, which is why they were flicking. Also, randomly they would fall out of the ceiling and just hang there.


Dead sod. No warranty. Backyard wasn’t graded properly, so we installed a retaining wall with french drains. They also didn’t clean the yard before laying down the sod. There was so much construction debris throughout creating bumps under the sod.

We had brickwork installed in the front of the house to add a little curb appeal.


The panes are thin and you can hear so much outside noise. We tried adding black out curtains in the bedroom, but that hardly helped.


Part of their package was to include a one-year home owner warranty. There wasn’t a way for us to nix this during signing without delaying the signing. We already had one through USAA, which we informed them, but they still had it in the contract when we went in to sign the paperwork. We would’ve either had to wait a few days for them to draft a new contract with the correct information (annoying). We signed with their warranty company just so we could keep our move-in date. So we overlapped with warranties for the first year because they didn’t care to change that even though we informed them ahead of signing.

Lending Company

We were pre-approved with Chase for securing our loan, but LGI Homes wants you to use their preferred lender, LoanDepot. After one year, LoanDepot sold our loan to Chase. They could’ve saved some paperwork if LGI would’ve let us bring our own lender to begin with.


The fees have been raised each year since we moved in, but there are no added benefits to the community.

Have you had issues with LGI Homes? Let me know your experience with them in the comments below!


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