Small Patio Spring Refresh

small patio spring refresh

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It’s almost summer, so I just went through a small patio spring refresh!

I’ve been on a shopping spree since we got our patio extension. I took the longest time trying to pick out the outdoor patio sets that I picked out in that post.

I ended up not picking out any of those sets. Zack didn’t want anything too large and he didn’t like any of the ones that I picked out. I restarted my search looking for larger cushions, but I had to find frames that weren’t too large.

Our Small Patio Before

You can really see how tight the our large World Market chairs fit on the four feet deep patio. They look out of place. I also sold the tall table and chairs on Facebook Marketplace. We hardly used the table and it took up too much space.

Small Patio Before

Patio Furniture Before

New Chairs and Mosaic Table

I picked out this two-pack of Hampton Bay Beachside patio lounge chairs from Home Depot. They have an all-weather resin wicker and CushionGuard fabric meant to withstand exposure to moisture and sunlight for enduring quality. They are galvanized steel frames which offers lasting strength and stability.

The dimensions are H 34.65 in, W 27.95 in, D 31.3 in. A few of the other chairs that I was considering were 38″ – 40″ wide. I found three options that were around 34″ for Zack to choose from, but I really liked this pair the best.

I had a discount for my birthday from Anthropologie, so I found the pretty mosaic stool to order. The first one arrived broken, so I had to send it back. The second one arrived, but it had a dip in the center. It wasn’t level when placing a drink on the top. I decided to return it.

Spring Patio Refresh

Small Patio Refresh

Small Patio Refresh

Small Patio Refresh

Small Patio Refresh

Chairs With Concrete Table

We were running groceries on a Friday night at Costco, so I asked Zack to stop by World Market to see what they had in stock for small tables. I found this plain jane cement table with a rope detail. It’s heavy…good quality! It’s also pretty wide and easy to fit multiple drinks and phones.

I love that the rope detail also matches well with the chair frames. The frames are galvanized steel, but they have a finish that makes them look like they are wood. The cushions are the almond tan color, but there were some other colors on the Home Depot website.

cement and rope table

cement and rope table

cement and rope table

Our Small Patio Spring Refresh After

The black and white rug is from Wayfair. Zack asked me to order a shelf for his outdoor cabinet, so I browsed for something that isn’t too expensive. Our dirt is red, so it does show up when Hank walks in the yard when it’s wet. But that won’t be a problem after we level and sod the yard.

The pillows were cute and something small to add to the design. Zack wasn’t impressed, haha.

Small Patio Spring Refresh

Small Patio Spring Refresh

Small Patio Spring Refresh

Small Patio Spring Refresh

Small Patio Spring Refresh

Shop Our Small Patio Spring Refresh

Outdoor Decorative Pillows Options

decorative pilows

Outdoor Faux Plants Options

Outdoor Faux Plants

Wrap Up

I love how our small patio spring refresh turned out – and now I have a great outdoor space just in time for summer! Have you done a spring patio refresh? What elements did you add into your design? Let me know in the comments below!


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