Before & After: Our Patio Extension Reveal

Before & After: Our Patio Extension Reveal

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We’re so grateful to have a patio extension done because summer is just around the corner and the patio is where I’d like to be if the Texas weather isn’t too hot.

Zack’s spring project pick is to get our patio extended. His work building was getting remodeled and he asked the contractor if he could hire him to come out to the house and he accepted.

They showed up on a Saturday morning and dug out all the dirt. They drilled into the foundation and added the rebar. When they got around to mixing the concrete, they didn’t have enough bags. They poured what they had, then they were waiting on the contractor to come back to the house, but he didn’t come back with more bags. They spread out what they had poured across the bottom and called it a day.

They came back the next day and finished it before the afternoon. And then we had to wait a week before walking on it!

Our Patio Before

Small Patio Before

Patio Furniture Before

I sold the tall table and chairs on Facebook Marketplace. We hardly used the table and it took up too much space. The chairs weren’t level either and I didn’t like climbing into the chairs, haha. We bought it last summer after I sold our large World Market chairs. They were entirely too large for this patio.

Our Patio Extension Progress

I had a hard time finding a lot of before photos of the patio, but this one is pretty good even though its dark. We didn’t have an option to change the size of the patio when the house was being built. We purchased a tract home and there were no options.

We’ve notice a lot of neighbors getting patios poured and pergolas installed. Literally, some of the houses were only given a 3×3 square concrete pad right outside their backdoor.

patio extension digging

patio extension rebar

patio extension concrete pour

patio extension concrete finished

Our Patio Extension Reveal

We doubled the space of our patio! It looks so good and it feels so big standing outside. This wasn’t a project that I thought we were going to tackle in 2023, but I’m glad we got it done. The timing was right before the heat got too hot, which is perfect for getting some use on it.

patio extension finished

patio extension side

patio extension finished

patio extension finished

Now I get to shop for new patio furniture! I want a chair that is more comfortable for lounging in if I want to sit outside. I’ve already scoured the internet for some outdoor patio set inspiration.

I also sold the large dog bed on Facebook Marketplace. It was Colt’s bed, but after he passed away, I knew Hank wouldn’t use it. He’s literally never gone on it except when trying to get Potato (who was underneath). Someone picked it up the next morning.

The patio looks so good!


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