Nailhead Bulletin Board | DIY

Nailhead Bulletin Board | DIY

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This DIY nailhead bulletin board is covered in linen upholstery while creating a tailored backdrop for your stylish home office.

Today I have a really easy DIY for you. I originally did this tutorial when I was in college when I was trying to make my bedroom pretty. The DIY I followed was from Live Creating Yourself by Alaina Kaczmarski before she went on to create The Everygirl. I’m aging myself, haha. Even though Alaina made her tutorial back in 2010, I think the style is very classic and still trendy because of the popular farmhouse styles. This is how I worked through my DIY this past weekend and I love the way it turned out.

If you haven’t been following along, you can check out my home office space. I had added a really large desk, but need to stay away from a cluttered desk. I needed a bulletin board! The bulletin board has to match the style of my office. I tried the blue one in that update, but it was very poorly made.

Shopping List:

Nailhead Bulletin Board DIY

nailhead bulletin board diy materials

DIY Nailhead Bulletin Board Instructions

nailhead bulletin board diy iron fabric

1. Iron Fabric The fabric I purchased arrived folded up. I took the time to iron out the creases so that it looks good.

nailhead bulletin board diy cut fabric

2. Cut Fabric I laid the fabric across my workspace then laid the bulletin board on top. Then I cut the fabric down to the size a little bit larger that the board.

nailhead bulletin board diy affix fabric to board

3. Affix Fabric to Board To make sure that the fabric doesn’t shift during the glue, I nailed the fabric in the back. This allowed me to be able to pull the fabric tight. (I removed the two nails when the glue dried)

nailhead bulletin board diy glue fabric

4. Glue Fabric to Board I glued in small sections and smoothed fabric flat onto the board as I went. It took a little bit of time to work all the air bubble out and I got glue on my hands, but it turned out really good.

nailhead bulletin board diy add nails

5. Add Nailheads I didn’t measure out the spacing of the nailheads. I eyed it as I went. Since you’re putting the nailheads into the cork, they are easy to pull back out if you make a mistake. I used a hammer to ease the pain of pushing on my thumb.

nailhead bulletin board diy crease corners

6. Glue Fabric Ends If you have a staple gun, you can staple the corners to the back of the board. I folded the corners and glued the fabric down to mine.

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Final Thoughts

The finished result looks more classier than the original black frame. It’s a subtle, polished addition to my home office. If you have a chance to try this DIY, let me know in the comments below!

nailhead bulletin board diy

DIY Nailhead Bulletin Board Pinterest Pin


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