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My Apartment Office

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I wanted to take a moment to share with you a little tour of my home office. And with all that happened in 2020, my home office has been my working office since March. In 2019, I was building up a space that fit my needs for working on my websites and editing photos for my photography hustle.

We are in an apartment, so my home office is a little nook right off the kitchen, without any access to natural lighting. A little 912 square foot apartment and I share the office with the cat little box (contained, of course). Here’s a sample of the layout of our place. We don’t have a patio because we are on the first floor, but our other entryway leads into a garage which gives us extra storage space.

Centreport Lakes The Lancaster

My Apartment Office

The arrows were a DIY during quarantine. They are two six-inch strips of electrical tape. I measured out the points to be twelve inches apart from the top down. The next row over, the points are six inches below/above. This was a great way to bring in some design elements without painting the walls. They are also easily removable when I leave!

My Apartment Office

I added the bookshelf in last year to give space to show off photos/decor. The box at the bottom contains camera equipment. And the little bit of a messy looks of other photo backgrounds equipment wedged in on the sides.

My Apartment Office

The Texas image was a DIY project.

My Apartment Office

My desk is the West Elm Parsons desk as the base. I added the Ikea ALEX add-on unit in white. On top of that, I am using this clear acrylic monitor stand. The Monitor is from LG. I’m using an Elgato Thunderbolt Docking station with a 16″ Macbook Pro, complete with a full-length bluetooth keyboard and trackpad.

My Apartment Office

For the accessories, pineapple lamp is from Target. The clear and gold acrylic pen holder is from Amazon. The clear and gold acrylic box under the lamp is also from Amazon.

My Apartment Office

I share the space with my cat. We keep Potato’s food on top of this black sideboard, so that Colt doesn’t eat it.

My Apartment Office

Then, inside the sideboard, is the litter box. I cut out a small hole on the side so Potato can get inside. This has helped keep odors contained and he has a walkway to minimize the amount of litter on his paws.

My Apartment Office

How has your home office been working for you this year?

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