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Marble & Gold Bar Cart | DIY

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Bar cart DIY for less than $70!

I was generally checking my emails when I happened to come across this gorgeous DIY bar cart. It was either featured in an Apartment Therapy or Bloglovin’ round up list. I cannot remember the article, but it had something to do with transitioning from a dorm room to an “adult” apartment. Anyways, this DIY Marble & Gold Bar Cart from the belle vie blog was featured.

Shopping List:

I had received my contact paper a week before my spray paint arrived in the mail. I had time to complete the most annoying part of this DIY over a couple days. While the spray paint is drying, you could tackle the contact paper portion. Contact paper sucks! There are so many air bubbles in it after I took a lot of time trying to make sure I got out all the bubbles. It was time consuming, but not too stressful and looks great!

Tip: I would suggest to spray paint the cart parts before assembling it, then do touch ups after it is build. It was rough getting it together and I had several scratches in the paint. And by rough I mean that the pieces were rubbing against the floor while I was trying to screw the bolts in place while also trying to keep the bottom shelf upright (while the cart being on its side).

In the tutorial I followed, she didn’t use the drawer. While hers turned out a little fancier, I like the storage space that the drawer provides. It houses all the bar tools, bottle openers and wine stoppers. It offers everything to be hidden out of sight. I don’t have any cute jars besides the mason jar glasses yet, but I think it is cute without the clutter!

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