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Favorite Kitchen Amazon Finds Lately

It’s been a busy few months getting settled into our house. We’ve been finding that the kitchen operates on such a different level in the house compared to when we were at the apartment. We donated a lot of things that we didn’t need anymore – like our over-the-door pantry shelving rack. We have so much space in all the cabinets, too!

Marble Trivet

Now that we’re able to sit down for dinner, we needed a trivet to hold a hot pan on the table. This genuine marble trivet has rubber feet on the bottom, which prevents it from sliding. I love marble, I can’t help myself. The image on the Amazon listing shows a lot of darker lines, but the one i received is more white and grey variations. I guess you can also use this as a cheese board – wine parties here I come!

Cutlery Organizer

I was using a square cutlery tray before we moved, but I wanted to save a little space in the drawer. I found this Joseph Joseph design that helps to maximize my drawer space. It has four compartments: two sizes of spoons, knives and forks. If you have a lot of silverware, then it probably won’t all fit. I had to place my smaller forks into the bin on the side.

Clear Pantry Organizers

I think I ended up buying three packs of these clear plastic organizers. They are great for the pantry to keep similar foods together. I have a candy and treats bin that also stores smaller items like gum packs. These come in a set of eight – four larger and four small. These could easily go into the fridge, too, for soda, fruit or dairy products.

Adjustable Dish Drying Rack

I love that we have a dishwasher that we’re actually using. We’ve always had one in our apartment, but we never tried using it even once. But, some nights, we don’t have enough dishes to run it. I set out to find a dish drying rack that we can also put away if we aren’t using it. This drying rack has adjustable arms to fit on a variety of styles and sizes of sinks. It’s also good to have if you need to wash something that isn’t dishwasher safe.

Tiny Dish Drying Rack

Add efficiency to your kitchen without sacrificing valuable basin space. Perfect when you only need to wash out your coffee cup in the morning! I like to keep our dish wand on it so that it drips water directly into the sink. It also comes with a plastic cup for you to soak dirty utensils, but I use it to hang my dish cloth.

Pan Organizer Rack

We’ve always had our pans stacked within each other, which means you always need to unpack and repack after each use. I found this pan organizer on Amazon that fits all our pans in a neat and orderly way. It was easy to assemble and it has adjustable dividers, allowing you to easily organize difference sizes of pans, pans and lids.

pan organizer

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