Cutest Items From the Pottery Barn Harry Potter Collection

Pottery Barn Harry Potter

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These are the cutest items from the Pottery Barn Harry Potter collection.

The enchanting world of Harry Potter has captured the hearts of millions around the globe, and for true fans, it’s not just a series of books and films; it’s a way of life. If you’re one of those dedicated fans looking to infuse a touch of Hogwarts magic into your living space, look no further than Pottery Barn’s Harry Potter home decor collection.

Pottery Barn Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut Terrarium

Nurture an enchanting realm within this terrarium, inspired by Hagrid’s Hut. It is skillfully constructed with transparent glass panels and meticulously hand-finished framing. Transform it into a charming haven for your beloved plants, whether they be succulents or blossoming flora.

Hagrid’s Lantern Table Lamp

Display your devotion to your favorite fandom with the Hagrid’s table lamp. Illuminate your surroundings with a magical ambiance by simply turning on this lantern. It showcases a meticulously hand-applied brass finish and intricate details that faithfully replicate the beloved giant’s own.

Potions Book Velvet Jewelry Box

Infuse a touch of enchantment into your home decor while safeguarding your precious belongings with the opulence of velvet! This jewelry box, adorned by the hands of skilled artisans, boasts exquisite beaded accents and a user-friendly open-close mechanism. Furthermore, it provides a secure haven for your treasured necklaces, bracelets, and other precious gems.

Nagini Candelabra

Elevate your space with our Maledictus candelabra, where Nagini’s sinuous coils are meticulously sculpted from intricately detailed material and adorned with a golden finish, accentuating her serpentine form. This gilded masterpiece accommodates six candles (candles sold separately), casting a gentle glow to accompany your study of magical spells.

Multi Hogwarts Gallery Frames

Infuse a touch of enchantment into your living space with these captivating picture frames. This exclusive collection offers seven distinct shapes and sizes, empowering you to craft your personal gallery inspired by the Wizarding World™.

Velvet Round Spells Pillow

Enchant your room with a touch of wizardry using this Harry Potter round pillow. Crafted from ultra-soft velvet, it features embroidered gold symbols that infuse a touch of magic into your everyday surroundings.

Herbology Embroidered Pillow

Allow this pillow to serve as a constant reminder of your passion for all things related to plants and potions! Crafted from airy flax linen, this soft cushion is adorned with a vibrant Mandrake and various enchanting botanical elements inspired by the magical universe of Harry Potter.

Celestial Mirror

Give your reflection a magical twist with this captivating mirror adorned with celestial details and the beloved owl, Hedwig™. This textured decorative piece introduces depth and dimension to your walls, and it radiates enchantment when positioned above a desk or dresser.

Which piece from the Pottery Barn Harry Potter collection is your favorite?

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