Counter Height Chairs | Currently Shopping

Counter Height Chairs | Currently Shopping

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We’re looking at upgrading our current counter height stools to something a little more substantial and comfortable.

The foam is done on our current ones and my lower back hurts because I’m sitting on hard wood. They’re around six years old and I don’t want to keep them. We’d like to look for something that has a back to it.

Counter Height Chair Measurements

A standard countertop (including the kitchen island countertop) ranges from 36 to 39 inches. In order to be comfortable, you will want a counter stool that measures about 24 to 26 inches from floor to seat.

Counter Height Chairs Options

These are the styles that I’m partial to, but I’m open to finding something while I’m in a store. I actually like the look of the leather ones, but I think I’m leaning towards fabrics instead. I’m not sure if I like the wood better or the metal frames. I’m not afraid of adding a little bit of color.

Counter Height Chairs

  1. Maison Leather Low Back Swivel Counter Stool
  2. Jack Metal Frame Counter Stools
  3. Gabe Pesto Tufted Low-Back Counter Stool
  4. Mid-Century Upholstered Swivel Counter Stool
  5. Lenox Bar & Counter Stools
  6. Wire Frame Leather Counter Stools
  7. Selby White Upholstered Counter Stool
  8. Maison Upholstered Swivel Counter Stools
  9. Lisbon Upholstered Cane Narrow Counter Stools

Which counter height chair is your favorite?

Counter Height Stools Before

These are the before options. At one point we had three in our apartment because the island was so large, but we sold one when we moved to a smaller apartment. I think I ordered them from Overstock.

Counter Height Stools

Counter Height Stools

Counter Height Stools


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