Builder Grade Master Bathroom Updates: Before and After

Builder Grade Master Bathroom Updates: Before and After

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Welcome to our builder grade master bathroom updates!

Previously, I shared our builder grade small bathroom updates. We wanted the bathrooms to match, of course, in color scheme. We’re planning on the white/grey/black color scheme throughout the house.

This is the before:

Master Bathroom Model 1

Master Bathroom Model 2

Update #1: Add Knobs and Pulls to Cabinets

One of the first projects we finished in the bathrooms and the kitchen was to add knobs and pulls to the cabinets. The cabinets have a little bit of space on the top and the bottom to fit your fingers in to open the cabinets, but I’m concerned that the continuous touching will remove the finish.


Master Bathroom Counter


Knobs and Pulls

shop knobs and pulls


Update #2: Paint Walls and Trim

These are the six “white” paint samples that I tested on the walls. I find it so crazy how different they look. I left it on the wall for a few days to see how much the different light of the day versus night affected it. I picked Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

White Paint Samples Labeled

And I picked out three different samples of grey on the trim below. I picked Benjamin Moore Covington Grey.

Grey Trim Paint Samples

This is after priming the walls:

Primer Painted

Update #3: New Hardware

Black Hinges

Since I went with grey trim, I wanted a contrast with new hardware on the door. I chose matte black hinges and matte black door lever.

Black Door Lever

shop matte black hardware


Update #4: New Mirror

Tehome Mirror

I purchased the same brand of mirror that we used in the small bathroom, but in a larger size for the master bathroom. This mirror is 30″x40″ It has a 2 inch edge that gives it a simple, yet noticeably modern design.

The Tehome mirror is carefully constructed with premium quality stainless steel and wood backing, which makes this super durable. It also has holes to hang either vertically or horizontally.

A missed opportunity by LGI is that there is only one sink in the master bathroom. If there were twin sinks, then I would’ve purchased two smaller mirrors to be placed above the sinks. It was probably intentional done to save costs of the tract homes.

shop matte black mirror


Update #5: Rugs

Rivieria Rug Anthropologie

I purchased the riveria bath mat from Anthropologie for use next to the cabinets.

The other two are still from our apartment days, but never got around to replacing. I think they are from Target. Hank keeps eating them while I’m in the shower, haha.

shop rugs


Update #6: Details

Before and After:

I don’t have a lot of decor going into the master bathroom, compared to the small bathroom, but I have one piece of art on the wall. I haven’t thought about adding more to it yet!

I really think that the color changes are crisp and creates more light into the room. Especially when there is no natural night.

Builder Grade Master Bathroom Updates Pin

Builder Grade Master Bathroom Updates Pin

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