Apartment Therapy: The January Cure 2013

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Here is my messy bedroom before starting The January Cure, but that is already a lie. My desk was under my windows and my bookshelf was under my desk. I didn’t get to take a “before” photo of my room before I eagerly started with this project.

bedroom at my parents house

bedroom at my parents house

My to-do List

  1. The bookshelf – done 1/9/13
  2. Pack items for future home – done 1/10/13
  3. Try on all clothes – done 1/19/13
  4. Sort Scrapbook items – done 1/18/13
  5. Purge Photographs – not done
  6. Sort Craft items – not done
  7. Purge shoe bin – done 1/10/12
  8. Buy Rubbermaid bins for #2 – done 1/10/13
  9. Buy table for entryway – done 1/20/13
  10. Sort Art supplies – Moved to basement, but still need work area setup
  11. Organize tax papers – Filed taxes on 1/31/13
  12. Take purged clothing to resale shop – Goodwill instead

Here is my room after all that hard work!

after january cure

after january cure

after january cure

Did you participate in The January Cure 2013? Let me know in the comments below! You can also view my participations in other January Cure years.

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